Welcome to ShinobiFM, a home for my Football Manager related content. Check out our current save, The American Dream, where we are attempting to start from scratch in MLS with its newest franchise, Charlotte FC, with the ultimate goal of getting the USA to international success! You can follow our progress here or on Twitter!

Also – check out the Stickers page for access to my Swaps Spreadsheet!

Latest from the Blog

Don’t Look Away Now

Euro 2020 has been endlessly captivating. Sometimes with these tournaments, you have to dig really deep to rouse interest. Teams arrive undercooked, or overcooked; squads are thrown together with no real identity or tactical direction, and often games become cagey snorefests that you resent watching when you could have been catching up on Love Island.Continue reading “Don’t Look Away Now”

Chapter 18: The Last Ride

All good things must come to an end. That’s what I’ve been telling myself throughout this seventh season in Charlotte. Back in 2021, when I first set out my plans for a career of success in the USA, I knew nothing about the MLS, the draft system, the development of talent in the academies. WeContinue reading “Chapter 18: The Last Ride”

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